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Dr. Cherie Ward

Executive Producer/Event Coordinator

Cherie A. Ward, Ph.D., M.A.T., B.A., author of “Cherie Ward – One Voice: Empowerment Poetry Echoing Realities of Life,” has completed her new book “By the Rubric of Rhythm, They’ll Read: Using Poetry to Teach and Learn”: an engaging work that emphasizes the importance of reading literacy by opening new doors and expanding horizons for at-risk students, offering lesson plans and solutions for tapping into the intelligence of students who are labeled as “below basic,” and have been missed by systemic approaches and standardized tests. She has been working in fields of radio, television, and film for over twenty-five years and she has created a children’s educational television show, Lumumba’s Playground, which the book puts forth.  She was handpicked to be the Poet Laureate for the DC Council of the District of Columbia’s Black History Program and named to present for 2021 -2023.  Co-Founder for TEDxHowardUniversity, she is currently the executive producer/event coordinator for TEDxBrookland, themed S.T.E.M. (Striving towards Excellent Minds) in Washington DC, Director of the Jim Vance Media Program at Archbishop Carroll High School, Adjunct Professor of Public Speaking, University of the District of Columbia, Poet and businesswoman. Her book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle and Apple Tunes.